Characteristics of iTiD Consulting

Contribute to improving “value proposition” and “work efficiency” for our clients.

  • We will help our clients to improve “values” of products and services in order for them to gain sustainable competitiveness.
  • We will re-design our clients’ work processes so that they can generate value proposition much faster with appropriate quality and cost.

Strengthen “product development capability” by innovating “process” and “people”.

  • We call abilities which develop products and services as “Development Capability”. It is defined by four categories : specific technologies to some industries, people, processes and organizations/IT systems.
  • We are providing various consulting services, primarily for people and processes, which are indispensable to sustainable development of companies.

Analyze and give direction based on our “surveyed data and myriad case studies”.

Provide unique solutions.

Focus on supports for “development work”.

  • Standing from a management point of view and taking a consensus between the management and working layers, we will collaborate with a client’s engineers/designers (others as appropriate).
  • Considering a client’s position in the market and corporate culture, we will provide our methods which make engineers/designers pleased, and will support until our methods are fully implemented.