Process from Inquiry to Consulting

1 Inquiry/Request for Document

In such cases below, please feel free to contact us from this Web site. (No fee will be charged.)

  • You are interested in our methods and case studies.
  • You are instructed by your manager to carry out innovation activities, but you are not sure how to do etc.

2 Hearing Issues

For those who wish to meet us, our consultants will visit you and hear your problems. They may vary in scale : some of them could be solved by a team, while the others may have to be addressed by several members in related organizations. You may not have clear ideas or plans. First, we will introduce our methods and case studies. Then, we will hear and summarize your issues, and advise which issue(s) you should address first.

3 Propose Solution(s) and Action Plan

Depending on your issue(s), we will propose our solution(s) and action plan. Our proposal may be the one from our solution menu, or may be the combinations of several solutions. Once you agree to our proposal, our activities will start.

Especially, if overall consensus among many members in your related organizations is necessary and it is difficult to make an action plan quickly, we will develop a plan through our assessment activities. Wider the scope of activities and innovations is, more difficult it is to get consensus among key persons and employees in your company. This requires a lot of efforts and hardship to make a feasible action plan. We will help you to reach consensus by defining clear issues and trying some of our solution(s) in small scale so that you can promote activities by all of your team members.

4 Defining Implementation Way of Our Method(s) and Trial Activities

In this step, we will discuss with you “To-Be” processes through trying to implement our method(s). Our solutions are general methods based on our experiences. Therefore, in implementations, it would be necessary to customize them fitting to your work and needs. At every workshop, we will discuss and explore how our method(s) should be used to solve your issue(s). At the same time, considering the feasibility of adapting to your actual job(s), we will define the work processes. In addition, we will consider solution(s) for the problems of your current processes and IT systems etc. and prepare for actual implementations.

5 Partial Implementation and Deployment of Our Method(s)

In this step, you will adapt the defined methods in the above step to your actual job(s) and start to gain some business result(s). However, risks are too high if you try to replace completely the current method(s) with the new one(s) because actual implementation(s) are different from trials and/or what you thought “To-Be” in your mind. Then, by partially adapting the defined method(s), you will understand what can be applied and what cannot, and realize new findings and difficulties of implementation. More specifically, while our consultants support the implementation in an actual product development project, we will gradually expand the scope of the implementation(s) by setting detail operation rules, utilizing TI tool(s) and helping you to master the introduced method(s).

6 Stabilization of Implementation(s) and Achieving Business Result(s)

The goal of our activities is to solve original issue(s) and achieve business result(s). At the same time, another goal is to improve the introduced method(s) autonomously and continue to implement and deploy within your organizations. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for your members to understand what they learnt in our activities and use it in actual work. In this step, our consultants will guide you how to form your own promotion team and how to teach our methods, which will lead to your autonomous activities.