Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

We have set our personal information protection policy as shown below, and all of us, including all board members and staff members, will put this policy into practice, make effort for the appropriate protection of personal information.

  1. The following will apply to the acquisition, application and provision of personal information:
    • Whenever acquiring or applying personal information the purpose should be specified first, and then be notified or announced publicly, along with avoiding unnecessary application beyond the original purpose without consent of the relevant person.
    • Also, whenever providing personal information to a third party, consent of the relevant person shall be obtained first except as otherwise required by law.
  2. We will observe all laws, national guidelines and other regulations concerning personal information management.
  3. We will specify the representatives of the personal information management, limiting the number of such representatives to the minimum, along with taking appropriate human/physical/technological safety management measures in order to prevent leakage, loss or destruction of the obtained or provided personal information.
  4. When outsourcing personal information management services, we will select service providers who meet appropriate personal information protection standards, along with providing the necessary and adequate supervision concerning safety management of personal information.
  5. In order to maintain appropriate personal information protection standards, we will periodically review the Personal Information Protection Management System , which is accompanied by the changes of social conditions and various external and internal environments such as technical progress, and make effort to continuously improve our management system.

Personal information management

We will make efforts to protect personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy and also, observe the following points concerning personal information management, as a service provider engaged in personal information management:

Whenever a need arises to change the aforementioned application purpose, we will ask for the customer's consent, except for the cases otherwise permitted by law.

Furthermore, there are cases where we outsource a part of our service and entrust the outsourcee with the necessary personal information. Whenever we entrust personal information, we select outsourcees who maintain certain personal information protection standards, along with taking the necessary measures such as concluding a contract concerning personal information management and providing necessary and adequate supervision for the outsourcee.

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Please note that there are cases where we cannot respond to your request concerning disclosure and other processing of personal information we posses based on the relevant laws.