iTiD Consulting will give a direction and strong promotion for the resolution of various problems and/or issues that product/service manufacturers have.

For clients who are having the following problems and/or issues, we will apply our solutions menus and provide appropriate consulting.

iTiD provides consulting service to solve various issues below.

  • Problem/Issue Definition

    • Identification of real problems and/or on which theme to be focused
    • Vitalization of exhausted employees
    • Benchmarking of your product dev. capabilities
  • Business/Technology Strategy

    • Start-up of new business with strengths
    • Collaboration in R&D with other companies
    • Differentiation from others with attractive technologies
  • Marketing
/Product Planning

    • Release of products exceeding customer expectations
    • Incorporation of VOCs into products
  • Concept & Detail Design

    • Clarification of requirements and methods which realize a product concept
    • Release of products with lower costs and shorter lead times
    • Reduction of the number of parts
    • Prevent ion of market defects
  • Project/Process Management

    • Skilful project management
    • Optimization of human resource allocations
    • Promotion of knowledge management
  • Human Resource

    • Training of engineers who can think through principles
    • Making a plan for education/training

Approach for Problem/Issue Resolution

Problem/Issue Definition


For those who want to identify on which theme you should focus in order to survive in your market
For those who want to benchmark your product development capabilities

For those who want to know on which theme you should focus in order to survive in your market
For those who want to vitalize exhausted employees


Diagnostic Solutions

V&E (Value and Excellence) Solutions
- Solutions that will generate exceeding values to your company and customers -

Development Visualization Solutions

Human Resource Education Solutions

Development Capability Improvement Solutions